TD – Der Wahnsinn zusammengefasst

Für jeden, der sich mit dem Gedanken trägt, die Tour Divide mal zu fahren, oder den die Träume beflügeln oder quälen, die TD zu fahren, der findet auf Chris Bennett´s Blog eine gute Zusammenfassung, was ihm bevor stünde oder steht:

I was checking out the TD forum on and found the following description of some of the challenges:

– The climbs can be really, really long (Indiana Pass for example is a 25-mile climb)
– Some of the climbs are steep. Most aren’t, but some are.
– There’s a lot of washboard
– There are sections that can be under snow. In 2011, we had two 5-mile+ sections of deep snow. No way you ride a bike in that, you have to push. And it ain’t flat.
– You probably will see snow on the ground, but you may also see snow falling from the sky. It happened to me in late June just north of Breckenridge, CO.
– There are sections with peanut-butter like mud. You may have to push your bike. Or carry it. For miles!
– 2 deserts and 1 wilderness section with no or little services. (Wyoming high desert: 140 miles without anything
– Gila Wilderness: 175 miles with one Coke machine (may or may not work)
– Chihuahuan Desert between Silver City and AW: few services, very, very hot weather)
– Days with lots of wind- Thunder, lightning, hail! In Wyoming, that can be for several days.
– Cold weather, extremely hot weather.- Rain. Sometimes lots of it. For days!
– Grizzlies, black bears, wolves, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, scorpions….
– Mosquitoes. You stop a couple of minutes in some parts of Montana and they eat you alive. Forget being eaten by grizzlies, you have a much better chance of being eaten by mosquitoes!  
– Dogs. They can be anywhere on the route, but particularly in the south. They can run with you for half a mile. I try to kick them while still pedaling…
– Altitude (once you reach the middle of Colorado, you’re gonna be above 7,000 ft most of the rest of the way, with summits at 12,000 ft.- Did I mention lots of washboard? Or climbing?

Mehr gibt es hier zu lesen … und sage keiner, er hätte nicht gewusst, das da kommt!


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